99-HomesApril 7, 2016


Director: Ramin Bahrani
Cast: Andrew Garfield, Michael Shannon, Clancy Brown
Runtime: 112 minutes
Language: English
Rating: 14A

Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards, San Francisco Film Critics Circle:
Best Supporting Actor, Michael Shannon. Six other award wins, 24 nominations

“99 Homes is an exciting and emotionally grandstanding drama about temptation, shame, humiliation and greed.” – Peter Bradshaw, Guardian

99 Homes ultimately establishes itself as a perfectly watchable drama that benefits substantially from the stellar efforts of its two stars necesito receta para comprar viagra. The storyline follows Andrew Garfield’s Dennis Nash as he and his family are evicted from their house by a ruthless realtor (Michael Shannon’s Rick Carver), with the movie subsequently exploring the ramifications of Dennis’ reluctant decision to become Rick’s right-hand man.

Filmmaker Ramin Bahrani kicks 99 Homes with an absolutely electrifying interlude that unfolds in a single, uninterrupted take, with the effectiveness of this pre-credits sequence paving the way for a first half that’s often entertaining and engaging than anticipated. The engrossing vibe certainly extends to the absolutely riveting sequence in which Rick forces Dennis to leave his home, and it’s clear that the impact of this scene is heightened considerably by Garfield and Shannon’s incredibly intense work here.

From there, 99 Homes transforms into a Scorsese-like rise-and-fall type of endeavour – with the emphasis placed on Dennis’ ascension through Rick’s ranks and his inevitable crisis of conscience.

Bahrani sprinkles the latter half of the proceedings with several stand-out sequences – eg Rick delivers an undeniably riveting speech about his modus operandi. It’s clear that the movie accomplishes what it sets out to do, and there’s little doubt that the film’s entirely relevant storyline can only help improve its chances at box-office success.

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