An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

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September 21, 2017
Showtimes: 6:40 & 8:45 pm
 at SilverCity
Directors: Bonni Cohen, Jon Shenk
With: Al Gore, Barack Obama, Donald J. Trump 
Runtime: 100 min 
Language: English, USA
Rating: PG

Biografilm Festival: Audience Award; Cannes Film Festival Nomination: Golden Eye Award.

“[An] involving and unexpectedly passionate film.”—Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

Part of the power of An Inconvenient Truth was the simplicity of the film, with Al Gore simply presenting the facts via his famous slide-show. He had the stats, scared the daylights out of everyone, and urged the audience to get involved. Ten years later, the battle against climate change goes on, but as this follow-up shows, each victory is met with another defeat, making this as vital a topic as ever.

The sequel may be preaching to the choir, but preaching cannot relent in the face of stubborn non-believers. The film shows Gore fighting the good fight, globe-trotting, visiting the site of natural disasters and facing his critics. Sadly, people remain unconvinced despite all the evidence.

The most gripping parts of An Inconvenient Sequel happen when Gore is shown facing his critics, most of whom hail from the big money tied up in fossil fuels. Gore is shown at a senate meeting where his treatment is almost reminiscent of the McCarthy-era “Red Scare” meetings.

Through it all, Gore stays upbeat, noting modest victories, climaxing with the Paris Agreement, although in the interim that victory ultimately had an unhappy climax last November.

If you happen to think this is all a hoax and you weren’t convinced by An Inconvenient Truth, there may not be much here to change your mind. But, if the fight to save the planet from the horrible damage we’ve done to it is something you’re invested in, this is the pat on the back/word of encouragement maybe you need in light of current events. It preaches to the choir, but that choir, hopefully, is getting bigger and bigger.

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