Burn Your Maps

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Burn Your Maps USA
Director: Jordan Roberts
Cast: Jacob Tremblay, Vera Farmiga, Virginia Madsen, Marton Csokas
Runtime: 102 minutes
Showtime: April 30th 12:00 PM
Language: English
Rating: PG

“Burn Your Maps is bound to move even the most cynical of viewers.”—Pat Mullen, Cinemablographer

Burn Your Maps is a charming adventure story filled with drama, humour, universal truths, and—Mongolian goats.

After suffering a terrible tragedy, married couple Alise (Vera Farmiga) and Connor (Marton Csokas) struggle to maintain family stability. When their eight-year-old son, Wes (Jacob Tremblay), takes his school research project on Mongolia very seriously, they are naturally supportive. But soon, Wes becomes convinced that he actually is a Mongolian goat herder, and can even name the village where he belongs.

Wes befriends Ismail (Suraj Sharma), a genial Indian immigrant and videographer who accepts the child’s assertion without question. The two of them decide that Wes must go to Mongolia, and that Ismail will make a documentary about it.

Alise and Connor are divided over how to respond to their son. In a bid to heal herself by indulging her son, Alise agrees to travel with Wes and Ismal to Mongolia. They come across a ‘retired’ nun (Virginia Masden) and a Puerto-Rican driver/guide from New York (Ramon Rodriguez) who plays Salsa music as they ride through some photogenic locations. Eventually, dad reluctantly joins them. An encounter with some Mongolian elders finally leads the family to confront their troubles.

Farmiga is in good form as the supportive albeit wounded mom. Young Tremblay shows that Room was no fluke, affecting and endearing. Burn Your Maps is a story with many twists and turns, and it ventures into some uncharted territories of the heart.

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