De Père en Flic 2

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Sunday April 15th 9:50 AM
Canada 2017
Director: Emile Gaudreault
Cast: Michel Côté, Louis-José Houde, Karine Vanasse
Runtime: 107 minutes
Language: French with English Subtitles
Rating: PG

“The exchanges between father and son are particularly juicy…Emile Gaudreault’s police comedy has nothing to envy from those produced in Hollywood. It would be little wonder that southern neighbours would produce a remake.”—Julie Vallaincourt, Sequences La Revue de Cinema.

Several years ago, the French-Canadian action-comedy movie Father and Guns was a massive blockbuster, deriving laughs from the comically dysfunctional relationship between father, Commander Jacques Laroche (Michel Côté) and son, Marc (Louis-José Houde) both cops who had to work closely together undercover. The psychotherapy camp they were assigned to served to further accentuate the pair’s own hilarious squabbling.

The sequel retains the winning formula. This time, to save the life of a brother officer who’s been kidnapped by a biker gang, father and son must track a Mafioso and his spouse to a couples’ group therapy session in the woods. For his cover, Marc takes his own bristly girlfriend Alice in tow (Karine Vanasse, TV’s Cardinal) with dad serving as chauffeur and psychologist’s assistant.  Perhaps they can salvage their relationship while completing their mission. But things will be more complicated than expected.

Aside from nattering at each other, the duo must navigate around the Mafia boss (Patrice Robitaille) and his moll (Julie Le Breton), a nutty bohemian couple, a lesbian couple, the exhausted parents of a toddler, and another couple with generational differences.

The sequel works surprisingly well. The pace is faster and the humour is more on point with hilarious sight gags. The two leads Côté and Houde work off each other in sure-handed fashion, aided immeasurably by Vanasse’s snappy girlfriend and the oddball participants.

En Pere Du Flic 2 combines the strengths of a great, classic comedy cop thriller with a hilarious study of a dysfunctional, father-son relationship.

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