Starting from 1992 and going forward…

The North of Superior Film Association began screening films at local theatres in the fall of 1992, starting at the Cumberland Theatre. During its history, NOSFA would also inhabit the Paramount Theatre as well as the Odeon Victoria for two successive Northwest Film Fests. In the meantime, the Film Circuit would evolve from the Cinefest festival in Sudbury to become a branch of the Toronto International Film Festival, assisting film societies in the appropriation and traffic coordination of films. NOSFA thanks the Circuit for its service over the years.

Below is a comprehensive list of NOSFA films along with some noteworthy programming events and occurrences that happened along the way to lend some perspective on NOSFA’s growth while becoming a fixture on the cultural scene in Thunder Bay.

[Note: Countries listed reflect production and investment support, and not necessarily the film’s setting or shooting locations]

Season # 1
1992-93 Cumberland Theatre
[The Cumberland is leased by Cineplex Odeon from May Theatres] Delicatessen–France
Raise the Red Lantern—China
Antonia and Jane—United Kingdom
Toto le Heros—France
Best Intentions—Sweden — [special Sunday matinee screening] Waiting—Australia
Reservoir Dogs—US
Hurt Penguins—Canada Europa–Germany
Tous Les Matins du Monde—France
[No film festival first season]

Season # 2
1993-94 Cumberland Theatre
Like Water for Chocolate—Mexico Twist–Canada
Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance—Canada; [staged at Con College; co-sponsored with the NFB & Thunder Bay Public Library] Last days of Chez Nous—Australia
I Love a Man in Uniform—Canada
Orlando—United Kingdom
The Wedding Banquet—Taiwan/USA
Three Colours Blue—France
The Snapper—United Kingdom
FilmFest # 1 1994 Paramount Theatres # 1 and # 2 [Cineplex Odeon declines participation in NOSFA’s first film fest proposal; NOSFA moves to the Paramount Theatre] La Florida—Canada
Stolen Children—Italy
Olivier, Olivier—France
32 Short Films about Glenn Gould—Canada
Household Saints—USA
Farewell My Concubine—China
La Chene (aka The Oak)—Romania/France

Season # 3
1994-95 Paramount Theatre
Scent of Green Papaya—Vietnam/France
Belle Epoque—Spain
The War Room—USA; [discussion panel “Politics & Media” Paramount 2] Raining Stones—United Kingdom
Three Colours White—France
Wuthering Heights/Tom Jones—United Kingdom— special retro double-bill
Ciao, Professore—Italy
Eat, Drink, Man, Woman—Taiwan/USA
Louis the 19th—Canada
Henry and Verlin—Canada
Daughters of the Dust—USA—LU Women’s Centre sponsorship
To Live—China
Strawberry & Chocolate—Cuba
Bandit Queen—India
Once Were Warriors—New Zealand
[Potential labour dispute between the Paramount and its projectionists forces NOSFA’s return to the Cumberland Theatre; Cineplex Odeon now grants use of the Odeon Victoria for the film fest] Filmfest # 2 1995 Odeon Victoria Theatres # 1 and # 2 Dance Me Outside—Canada
Whale Music—Canada
Caro Diario—Italy
Ivan and Abraham—France/Russia
Three Colours Red—France
Le Vent du Wyoming—-Canada
The Advocate—United Kingdom

Season # 4 Cumberland Theatre
Before the Rain—Macedonia
Burnt by the Sun—Russia
When Night is Falling—Canada
Il Postino—Italy
Le Confessional—Canada
The Story of Qui Ju–China
The Sum of Us—Australia
Montreal Vu Par—Canada
Filmfest # 3 1996 Odeon Victoria Theatres #1 and # 2 The White Balloon—Iran
Shanghai Triad—China
Persuasion—United Kingdom
City of Lost Children—France
Double Happiness—Canada
Frankie Starlight—Ireland
Wild Reeds—France
Margaret’s Museum—Canada

Season # 5
1996-97 Cumberland Theatre
Antonia’s Line—Netherlands/United Kingdom/Belgium
Anne Frank Remembered—United Kingdom/USA/Netherlands Big Night—USA
Celestial Clockwork—France/Belgium/Spain
Secrets and Lies—United Kingdom
Breaking the Waves—Denmark
Kolya—Czech Republic
[Potential labour dispute with Cineplex Odeon and its projectionists forces NOSFA’s return to the Paramount] Filmfest #4 1997—Paramount Theatre, Cinemas # 1 and # 2 Beautiful Thing—United Kingdom
Hotel de Love—Australia
The Eighth Day—Belgium
Prisoner of the Mountains—Russia
Project Grizzly—Canada
Twelfth Night—United Kingdom
Under the Domin Tree—Israel

Season # 6
1997-1998 Paramount Theatre
Shall We Dance?—Japan
Her Majesty Mrs. Brown—United Kingdom
Drowning in Dreams—Canada—[S tory of Fred Broenelle and his obsession to salvage the sunken vessel, The Gunilda; the screening serves as a fundraiser for Thunder Bay Public Library; special Q & A hosted by Rick Smith; 550 seats in Paramount #1 sells out] Ponette—France
The Sweet Hereafter—Canada [two-night screening] In the Company of Men—USA
Ma Vie En Rose—France
The Winter Guest—United Kingdom

Filmfest # 5
1998 — Paramount # 1 and # 2
When the Cat’s Away—France
Twilight of the Ice Nymphs—Canada
The Ice Storm—USA
The Hanging Garden—Canada
The Tango Lesson—United Kingdom
Taste of Cherry—Iran
Fast, Cheap & Out of Control—USA
The Wings of the Dove—United Kingdom
The Education of Little Tree—Canada

Season # 7
1998-1999 Paramount Theatre
Beyond Silence—Germany —[Benefit for Canadian Hearing Society] Friend of the Deceased—Ukraine/Russia/France
Last Night—Canada
Smoke Signals—-USA
Red Violin—Canada co-production —[Special Benefit for TBSO] Elizabeth—United Kingdom
Gods and Monsters—United Kingdom
Nights of Cabiria—Italy
It’s Your Turn, Laura Cadieux—Canada

Filmfest #6 1999—— Paramount Theatres # 1 and # 2
Central Station—Brazil
Jerry & Tom—USA
Hilary & Jackie—United Kingdom
The Inheritors—Austria
Little Voice—United Kingdom
The Celebration—Denmark
Drifting Clouds—Finland
Your Friends & Neighbors—USA
Kurt and Courtney—USA
Extraordinary Visitor—Canada

Season # 8
1999-2000 Paramount Theatres # 1 & # 2
Buena Vista Social Club—USA
Run, Lola, Run—Germany
The Winslow Boy—United Kingdom
The Dinner Game—France
The Five Senses—Canada
The Limey—United Kingdom/USA
Mansfield Park—United Kingdom
Felicia’s Journey—Canada
The Cup—Tibet
[Owners of the Paramount announce that Theatre # 1 will be converted into a family recreational centre; NOSFA returns to the Cumberland for the final time]

Filmfest #7 2000
Cumberland Theatre
Black Cat, White Cat—France/Yugoslavia
All About My Mother—Spain
Topsy-Turvy—United Kingdom
Sweet and Lowdown—USA
The Straight Story—USA
Ride With the Devil—USA
Life Before This, The—Canada
American Movie—USA
Mr. Death—USA
Princess Mononoke—Japan
Xiu Xiu The Sent Down Girl—China
The Emperor and the Assassin—China
Solomon and Gaenor—United Kingdom
Canadian Shorts–Canada
Plunkett and Maclean—United Kingdom

Season # 9
2000-2001 Cumberland Theatre
New Waterford Girl—Canada
Wonderland—United Kingdom
East Is East—United Kingdom
Two Family House—USA
Dancer in the Dark—Denmark
[Due to financial challenges, Cineplex Odeon withdraws from the Cumberland’s lease along with other theatres in North America; May Theatres re-opens Cumberland for the film fest; NOSFA finishes season at Famous Players’ SilverCity] Post Fest Titles—Famous Players SilverCity Vatel—France
Pollock—USA— [Benefit for Thunder Bay Art Gallery] Before Night Falls—USA

Film Fest # 8
2001 Cumberland Theatre [Cumberland operates as an independent theatre]
A Hard Day’s Night—United Kingdom
You Can Count on Me—USA
A Time for Drunken Horses—France/Iran
The Yards—USA
State and Main—USA
Aimee & Jaguar—Germany
Not of This World—Italy
Croupier—United Kingdom
One Day in September—Switzerland/UK/Germany
The Widow of Saint Pierre—Canada
In the Mood for Love—Hong Kong
Shadow of the Vampire—United Kingdom/USA/Luxembourg
The Basket—USA
Testamento—Portugal/Brazil/Cape Verde
Requiem for a Dream—USA

Season # 10
2001-2002 Cumberland Theatre
The Law of Enclosures—Canada
Everybody’s Famous—-France/Belgium
Divided We Fall—Czech Republic
Last Wedding—Canada
Bread and Tulips—Italy
The Man Who Wasn’t There—USA
Brotherhood of the Wolf—France
Monster’s Ball—-USA
Atanarjuat—The Fast Runner—Canada
Monsoon Wedding—India

Film Fest # 9
2002 Cumberland Theatre
Mulholland Drive—USA
The War Bride—Canada
Taste of Others—France
Treed Murray—Canada
Un Crabe dans la Tete—Canada
The Business of Strangers—USA
Burnt Money—Argentina
Canadian Short Film Showcase—Canada
The Impossible Elephant—Canada
Chunhyuang—South Korea
Obachan’s Garden—Canada
Liam—United Kingdom/Germany/France
Italian for Beginners—-Denmark
The Son’s Room—Italy

Season # 11
2002-2003 Cumberland Theatre
Sunshine State—USA
Nine Queens—Argentina
The Emperor’s New Clothes—United Kingdom/Germany/Italy
Lovely and Amazing—USA
Banana Split—Canada, Kelly Saxberg —[NOSFA sponsors film’s local debut at the Finlandia Club] Trembling Before G*d—USA/ France, Israel
8 Femmes—France
Bollywood Hollywood—Canada
Chaos and Desire–Canada
Expecting—Canada —[Benefit for Cambrian Players] The Crime of Father Amaro—Mexico/Argentina/France

Film Fest #10
2003 Cumberland Theatre
Talk to Her—Spain
Standing in the Shadows of Motown—USA
Rabbit Proof Fence—Australia
The Tunnel—Germany
Under the Sun—Sweden
Mostly Martha—Germany
The Last Kiss—-Italy
The Way Home—Korea
A Passage to Ottawa—Canada
Eugenio, I Love You—Italy
Perfect Pie—Canada
Rodger Dodger—USA
Personal Velocity—USA
Far From Heaven—USA
Bloody Sunday—United Kingdom/Ireland

Season # 12
2003-2004 Cumberland Theatre
Man Without a Past—Finland
Winged Migration—France
Man on the Train—France
The Swimming Pool—France/United Kingdom
Together—-China/South Korea
The Station Agent—USA
Dirty Pretty Things—United Kingdom —[Benefit for Definitely Superior Art Gallery] The Barbarian Invasions—Canada
Falling Angels—Canada
Touching the Void—United Kingdom
Goodbye Lenin—Germany
Les Triplettes de Belleville—France/Canada
La Grande Seduction (aka Seducing Dr. Lewis)—Canada
Film Fest # 11 2004 Cumberland Theatre The Company—USA
Girl with a Pearl Earring—United Kingdom
Kitchen Stories—Norway/Sweden
Pieces of April—USA
Shattered Glass—USA
The Cooler—USA
The Heart of Me—United Kingdom
The Housekeeper—France
The Corporation—Canada
Moro No Brasil—Brazil/Finland
The Secret Lives of Dentists—USA
House of Fools—Russia
Small Voices—Philippines
In America—Ireland/United Kingdom
American Splendor—USA
Sylvia—United Kingdom
Casa de los Babys—USA
The Republic of Love—Canada

Season # 13
Before Sunset—USA
The Blind Swordsman: Zatiochi—Japan
Festival Express—Canada
Facing Window—aka La Finestra di Fronte—Italy
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring—Korea
Touch of Pink—Canada/United Kingdom
Since Otar Left—France
Story of the Weeping Camel—Germany/Mongolia
Japanese Story—Australia
Vera Drake—United Kingdom
Stage Beauty—USA/United Kingdom/Germany [Benefit Screening for CAHEP] A Silent Love—Canada
Phil the Alien—Canada
Born Into Brothels—USA

Film Fest # 12th
2005 Cumberland Theatre
House of Flying Daggers—China/Hong Kong
Hotel Rwanda—-United Kingdom/South Africa
The Merchant of Venice—USA/United Kingdom
Beyond the Sea—USA
Infernal Affairs—Hong Kong
The Sea Inside—Spain
Red Lights—France
I ♥ Huckabees—USA
A Very Long Engagement—France
Being Julia—Canada/USA
Lightning in a Bottle—USA
Bad Education—Spain
Les Chloristes—-France
Stander—Canada/South Africa
Ira Madiyama—Sri Lanka
Crying Ladies—Philippines
Silent Waters—Pakistan

Season # 14
2005-2006 Cumberland Theatre
My Summer of Love–United Kingdom
Syrian Bride—Israel/France
March of the Penguins–France
Me and You and Everyone We Know—USA/United Kingdom
Water–Canada/India—[ sells out both screenings in 304-seat theatre; only bi-weekly screening to do so to this point] Capote–USA/Canada
The Squid and the Whale–USA
Tsotsi–South Africa/United Kingdom
Joyeux Noel—France/United Kingdom/Norway/Germany/Belgium/Romania

Film Fest # 13
2006 Cumberland Theatre
The Life and Hard Times of Guy Terrifico–Canada
Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey–Canada
Good Night and Good Luck–USA
Neil Young: Heart of Gold–USA
Mrs. Henderson Presents—United Kingdom
Forty Shades of Blue—United Kingdom
The White Countess—United Kingdom
A Simple Curve–Canada
Three Needles–Canada
Paradise Now–Israel/France
Lost Embrace–Argentina
Matchpoint–USA/United Kingdom

Season # 15
2006-2007 Cumberland Theatre
An Inconvenient Truth–USA
Wah-Wah—United Kingdom/South Africa
The Road to Guantanamo—United Kingdom
The Journals of Knud Rasmussen–Canada
U Carmen e-Khayelitsha–South Africa
Conversations with Other Women–USA/United Kingdom
Snow Cake–Canada
Shut Up and Sing–USA
Orchestra Seats–France
The Wind That Shakes the Barley—United Kingdom/Ireland

Film Fest #14
2007 Cumberland Theatre
Little Children–USA
The White Planet–Canada
The Italian—Russia
Venus—United Kingdom
El Aura–France
Partition—-Canada/South Africa/United Kingdom
Days of Glory–Belgium
Monkey Warfare–USA
The Painted Veil–USA
The History Boys—United Kingdom
The Good German–USA
The Lives of Others—Germany
Un Dimanche a Kigali—Canada
Letters from Iwo Jima–USA
Sur La Trace d’Igor Rizzi—-Canada
Manufactured Landscapes—Canada
The Danish Poet—Denmark—[Oscar-winning short]

Season #16
2007-2008 Cumberland Theatre
Away from Her—Canada
The 11th Hour—USA
La Vie En Rose–France
The Namesake—India/USA
Mon Meilleur Ami—France
The Golden Door—Italy
Emotional Arithmetic—Canada/United Kingdom
Four Months, Three Weeks, Two Days–Romania
Starting Out in the Evening–USA
The Counterfeiters—Austria/Germany
In Bruges—United Kingdom/Belgium

Film Fest # 15
2008 Cumberland Theatre
The Orphanage–Spain
Breakfast with Scot–Canada
Gypsy Caravan–USA
The Band’s Visit—Israel/France
Control—United Kingdom
I’m Not There—USA
Lust, Caution—United Kingdom/Belgium/France
The Bubble—Israel
Continental: un film sans fusils (aka A Film Without Guns)—Canada
The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters—USA
Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead—USA
My Kid Could Paint That—USA
Lars and the Real Girl–USA/Canada
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly—France
The Savages—USA

Season #17
2008-2009 Cumberland Theatre
Young @ Heart —United Kingdom
The Year My Parents Went on Vacation—Brazil
The Visitor—USA
Brick Lane—United Kingdom
Encounters at the End of the World—USA
When Did You Last See Your Father?—United Kingdom/Ireland
Happy Go Lucky—United Kingdom
Heaven on Earth—Canada
Man on Wire—USA
Rachel Getting Married—USA
One Week—Canada
Waltz with Bashir—Israel/Germany/France
The Owl and the Sparrow—Vietnam/USA—[ final NOSFA film at the Cumberland] Last Chance Harvey—USA —[season finale at SilverCity]

Film Fest # 16
2009 Cumberland Theatre
Welcome to the Sticks—France
Fifty Dead Men Walking—United Kingdom/Canada
Stone of Destiny—United Kingdom/Canada
Frozen River—USA
Lemon Tree—-Israel/Germany/France
The Necessities of Life—Canada
C’est pas moi, je le lure (It’s Not Me, I Swear!)—Canada
Tell No One—-France
Real Time—-Canada
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas—United Kingdom/USA
Let the Right One In—-Sweden
I’ve Loved You So Long—France/Germany
Entre Les Murs—France
(4th highest film fest attendance; final fest at the Cumberland before its sale)

Season # 18
2009-2010 SilverCity [first full season at SC]
The Pool—-USA
Every Little Step—USA
Rudo Y Cursi—Mexico/USA
Is Anybody There?—United Kingdom [Paramount Theatre # 2] Mama nest chez le coiffeur [aka Mama is at the Hairdresser’s; Paramount Theatre # 2] An Education—United Kingdom
Bright Star—United Kingdom
A Serious Man—USA
Coco Avant Chanel—France
The Hurt Locker—USA
Young Victoria—United Kingdom
The White Ribbon—Austria/Germany/France

Film Fest # 17
2010— SilverCity format—2 consecutive Sundays;
A Single Man—USA
I Killed My Mother aka J’ai tué ma mere—Canada
Police, Adjective–Romania
In the Loop—USA/United Kingdom
Food Inc—USA
High Life—USA
De Père En Flic—Canada
Broken Embraces–Spain
Tokyo Sonata–Japan
Summer Hours—France
Me and Orson Welles—USA
The Messenger–USA
Fantastic Mr. Fox–USA
The Last Station—United Kingdom/Germany/Russia

Season # 19
2010-11 SilverCity
Secrets in Their Eyes—Spain
The Kids Are Alright—USA
Get Low—USA
I Am Love—Italy
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo—Sweden
Nowhere Boy—United Kingdom
Winter’s Bone—-USA
Barney’s Version—Canada/Italy
Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work—USA
West is West—United Kingdom

Film Fest #18
2011 SilverCity
Force of Nature: the David Suzuki Movie—–Canada
Rabbit Hole—-USA
Blue Valentine—USA
Inside Job—-USA
Jane Eyre—United Kingdom
Steam of Life—-Finland
Music from the Big House—-Canada
Soul Kitchen—-Germany
Tamara Drewe—United Kingdom
Made in Dagenham—United Kingdom
The Illusionist—-France/United Kingdom
Another Year—-United Kingdom
The Girl Who Played With Fire—-Sweden
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest—-Sweden