Fire Song

By September 29, 20152015-2016 Season

October 1, 2015, SilverCity

Showtimes: 6:30 pm & 8:15 pm

Director: Adam Garnet Jones
Cast: Andrew Martin, Harley Legarde-Beacham, Jennifer Podemski, Mary Galloway
Runtime: 85 min<span style="line-height: 1 comprar viagra con seguridad.5;”>
Ratings: PG

“Fire Song is a deeply moving and an indelibly-captured slice-of-life portrait of young and old alike.”-Greg Klymkiw, Film Corner

“At its core, Fire Song is a familiar coming-of-age drama that’s revitalized by contextualizing it through an Aboriginal point of view.”–C.J. Prince, Way Too Indie

When a teenaged girl commits suicide in a remote Northern Ontario Aboriginal community, it’s up to her brother Shane (Andrew Martin) to take care of his family, including his despairing mother (Jennifer Podemski). Shane is supposed to move to the city for university in the fall, and he has been trying to convince his secret boyfriend (Harley Legarde-Beacham) to come with him, but now everything is uncertain.

Shane is torn between his responsibilities at home and the promise of freedom calling to him from the city. He pushes through barrier after barrier, determined to take care of his mom and earn money for school. But when circumstances take a turn for the worse and Shane has to choose between his family or his future, what will he do?

NOSFA is pleased to feature Fire Song for its Thunder Bay premiere. Fire Song is the first feature film by award-winning short filmmaker Adam Garnet Jones. Shot in various locations in northwestern Ontario, the film was produced by Indigenous-owned production companies Big Soul Productions and Thunderstone Pictures. Fire Song recently won the Jim Burt Screenwriting Prize that recognizes and supports screenwriting talent with a distinctly Canadian voice.

Fire Song had its world premiere at TIFF 2015, enjoying a sold-out presentation at the Scotiabank Theatre.