In the Fade

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Sunday April 15th 12:10 PM
Germany, 2017
Director: Fatih Akin
Cast:  Diane Kruger, Denis Moschitto, Numan Acar
Runtime: 106 minutes
Language: German, Greek, and English with English subtitles
Rating: 14A

Golden Globe Award: Best Motion Picture, Foreign Language; Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards, New York Film Critics Online : Best Foreign Language Film; Cannes Film Festival: Best Actress, Diane Kruger; six other wins, 14 nominations.

“On this emotional roller coaster, Katja’s capable of just about anything.”—Susan G. Cole, NOW Magazine

German-born Diane Kruger, who usually appears in French or American productions such Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds, gets a rare workout in her native language as Katja, a Hamburg woman whose life is torn apart when her Turkish husband and their small son are killed in a random-looking terror attack. The film’s original title can be translated as Out of Nowhere or Over Nothing, and both convey the pure shock of the event and the paucity of reasoning behind it that’s eventually revealed.

The terror turns out to be homegrown, leading to a court case in which we learn about the German legal system. There are some taut standoffs between the widow’s sympathetic lawyer (Denis Moschitto) and the defendants’ shark-like attorney (Revanche’s excellent Johannes Krisch).

Writer-director Fatih Akin (Soul Kitchen, NOSFA fest 2011) has the leather-clad Katja go through the wringer. She grieves, she pouts, she takes drugs, she tries to commit suicide. Kruger fills the screen with an intense presence.

When the trial ends on a technical note, the film shifts into revenge mode, with hints of social context. The action shifts to Greece, with the far-right Golden Dawn movement an ominous presence. As a commentary on the futility of terror, Akin seems to ask, is Katja an avenging angel or a self-destructive fool?

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