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Julieta Spain
Showtime: Thursday April 27th 6:30 pm
Director: Pedro Almodóvar
Cast: Adriana Ugarte, Emma Suárez, Rossy de Palma, Daniel Grao
Runtime: 99 minutes
Language: Spanish (with English Subtitles)
Rating: 18A

San Diego International Film Festival: Best International Film; National Board of Review:
Top Five Foreign Films; International Cinephile Society Awards: Best Director.

“Julieta is a deeply satisfying, down-to-earth tale of grief and quiet rediscovery.”—Ken Eisner, Georgia Straight

Pedro Almodóvar first gained prominence as the bad boy of Spanish cinema, then matured with deeply-felt films like All About My Mother and Volver. At the very least,
his films are all visually engaging and provocative. Julieta is no exception.

Here, Almodóvar has woven together three short stories by Alice Munro and reset them in Madrid. Julieta is a sophisticated woman (Emma Suárez) who suddenly puts her life on hold. A chance meeting prompts her to write a long letter to her estranged daughter to explain things she never had a chance to tell her before.

This leads into a lengthy flashback where we meet the same woman, much younger (played by Adriana Ugarte) and her experiences when she encounters a man on a fateful train ride who later becomes her husband.

The film deals, in part, with secrets and how they can reverberate over the years, causing pain to the person keeping them as well as the one from whom they have been hidden.

Almodóvar injects small moments of humour along the way, partly thanks to Rossy de Palma as a gruff housekeeper. He casts his film with a keen eye: both women who play Julieta are beautiful and compelling.

Julieta doesn’t build to a crescendo, but it manages to grab you from the first scene and never loosens its grip. it’s the work of a master storyteller. Julieta is a haunting story that’s well worth seeing.

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