Little Men

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Little Men USA
Director: Ira Sachs
Cast: Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Ehle, Paulina García, Alfred Molina
Runtime: 85 minutes
Showtime: April 23rd 7:20 PM
Language: English, Spanish
Rating: PG

Deauville Film Festival: Grand Special Prize, Ira Sachs. Thirteen other
international cinema nominations.

“By the end, Sachs has raised urgent questions about immigration, classism, gentrification, loyalty, family and nascent sexuality – but he’s done so utterly organically, via 10 square feet of city. Lovely.”—Johanna Schneller, Globe and Mail

The disruptive nature of change illuminates this latest gem from New York’s Ira Sachs (Love Is Strange), an artisan of the small gesture and quiet epiphany.

Set in a funky Brooklyn neighbourhood, the film’s generational feud — adults versus teens — is also an evolution of sorts. Brian and Kathy Jardine (Greg Kinnear and Jennifer Ehle), the married new owners of a dress shop, want to triple the rent of their seamstress tenant, a Chilean immigrant named Leonor (Gloria’s Paulina Garcia). The Jardines feel they can no longer afford the sweetheart deal allowed Leonor by their recently deceased grandfather, who deeded them the shop.

Leonor, a single mom, insists she can’t afford to pay more. The Jardines have their own pressures: Brian’s a struggling professional actor supported by Kathy, a psychotherapist. Their move from Manhattan to Brooklyn was dictated by thrift, not lifestyle.

The battling adults have 13-year-old sons, aspiring artist Jake and aspiring actor Tony, fast new friends played by newcomers Theo Taplitz and Michael Barbieri. Refusing to take sides, the teens begin a silent protest, refusing to speak until the rent dispute is settled and apologies are made.

The antagonists all make persuasive arguments. Sachs is careful not to demonize the families or trivialize their sentiments. Sachs and his fantastic cast bring wisdom and humour to the situation.

Cinematographer Oscar Duran and composer Dickon Hinchliffe make strong contributions, adding visual and sonic grace notes to a simply lovely picture.

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