No-Men-Beyond-This-PointApril 10, 2016


Director: Mark Sawers
Cast: Rekha Sharma, Bruce Harwood, Kirsten Robek
Year: 2015
Runtime: 80 minutes
Language: English
Rating: PG

Vancouver Film Critics Circle: Best Supporting Actress in a Canadian Film: Tara Pratt; Other Worlds Austin Sci-Fi Film Festival: Audience Award, Best Editing,
Best Actor, Patrick Gilmore, Best Script.

“The film takes what could have been a highly divisive topic and comes out of it poking fun at all sides.”—Richard Scheib, Sci-Fi, Horror & Fantasy Film Review

What if men no longer served any purpose on Earth? That’s the hook of the absurdist mockumentary No Men Beyond This Point, which presents an alternate universe where in the 1950s, women suddenly gained the ability to reproduce asexually.

Director Sawers blends mocked-up historical scenes and real stock footage to hilarious effect, offering a witty retelling of world history but one where events have been rewritten with women in charge. There is the hippie movement, the Women’s Lib movement, Gay Rights, and Marriage Equality, but all rewritten in terms of a women-ruled world.

With years passing, and women’s population increasing, men eventually became of no use. The film starts in the present day, where the documentary crew follows 37-year-old Andrew Myers (Patrick Gilmore), now the youngest man in the world. As men are being sent off to sanctuaries across the world to live out their remaining days, Myers manages to get a job as a servant for partners Terra (Tara Pratt) and Iris (Kristine Cofsky). Eventually, Andrew and Iris being showing an attraction for each other and Sawers uses their flirtations to delve into the messier aspects of his universe.

No Men Beyond This Point is an enjoyable, deadpan romp. It’s fascinating to see just how much Sawers has thought out his idea of a world where women rule everything. It will certainly spark dialogue.

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