Welcome to NOSFA’S 25th Season!

martynewspaper-vintageIt is stunning to realize that this autumn marks the beginning of the 25th season of the North of Superior Film Association. Remarkable!

It only seems a short while ago that we embarked upon our little cinematic journey at the Cumberland Cinema Centre with a quirky French film called Delicatessen. None of us would anticipate such a long, adventurous run in domestic and international cinema in Thunder Bay.

From its first season, NOSFA quickly underwent evolution. Season Two saw the debut of the Northwest Film Fest at the Paramount Theatre, with a modest roster of seven films. The festival would subsequently appear at the Odeon Victoria and then enjoy an extended run at the Cumberland. Over time, NOSFA would implement initiatives in support of other local film activities, including the David Brown Awards, which recognize the best work of graduates from the Confederation College Film Production Department, and Benefit Screenings, which extended financial support to other community organizations. NOSFA would also lend support to the Thunder Bay Public Library and the TBSO. There were special Q and A sessions at the Paramount, including Drowning in Dreams, a film centering on local resident Fred Broenelle, and hosted by avid NOSFA patron Rick Smith, and The War Room, that saw a lively discussion involving local politicians. NOSFA also hosted Canadian filmmakers Guy Maddin and Bruce McDonald.

NOSFA also had to overcome a few challenges along the way, including the early departures of co-founders Michael Gravelle and Siobhan Farrell, with the latter making a welcome return to the board several years ago. There was the tragic loss of stalwart Vice-President David Brown to cancer in 2008. NOSFA faced closures of the Cumberland not once but twice, the first due to finance struggles by Cineplex Odeon who leased the theatre from former local residents Mike and Colin May, and then the ultimate sale of the building which prompted NOSFA’s re-location to SilverCity.

Incredibly, NOSFA has prevailed as one of the longest-operating film societies in the Film Circuit which is a branch of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) that oversees over 170 film groups across Canada.

A 25th season is indeed a special milestone, one which NOSFA plans to celebrate with our patrons. However, there is one reluctant change: membership will increase from $10 (which has been the fee from the beginning, a true bargain) to $15. This is due to certain economic realities that have emerged over time.

We invite our loyal patrons to join us in celebrating the 25th season of the North of Superior Film Association. We look forward to seeing you at SilverCity!

Marty Mascarin, President