River of My Dreams

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The River of My Dreams:
A Portrait of Gordon Pinsent
Director: Brigitte Berman
Cast: Norman Jewison, Gordon Pinsent, Christopher Plummer
Runtime: 104 minutes
Showtime: April 23rd 11:45 AM
Language: English
Rating: G

“The result is a fluidly told yarn about an artist of the national-treasure kind.”—Brad
Wheeler, Globe and Mail

Bio-pics sometime carry a deadening stigma but such is not the case with River of My Dreams, a lively and engaging look at Newfoundlander Gordon Pinsent, the multi-talented actor, painter, writer and born raconteur.

Director Brigitte Berman (Artie Shaw: Time Is All You’ve Got) uses animated flashbacks and recollections of family members and colleagues to chronologically unspool the life and career of a man whose artful doings have become part of the Canadian cultural landscape.

Still sharp of mind, Pinsent provides mellifluous narration and resonant ‘non-showoffy’ quoting of Keats, Shakespeare and Lewis Carroll. Offering amusing and insightful anecdotes are Mary Walsh, critic Richard Ouzounian, director Norman Jewison (who directed Pinsent in The Thomas Crown Affair). Best is Christopher Plummer, who, upon being pestered by the ‘whippersnapper’ at the Stratford Festival, promptly told him to “f— off.” They later became friends.

Pinsent’s recollections (particularly on actress Charmion King, his second wife) are amusing and poignant as are the remembrances of reconciliation among his adult children from his two marriages. Pinsent doesn’t shy away from blemishes in his personal life.

Aside from clips of his work on TV and film work, we see what a Renaissance man he is. Pinsent paints and writes very moving poetry. “I never really believed I was that great at anything,” he says at one point, and in spite of all evidence to the contrary, we believe him.

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