Sorry to Bother You

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Director: Boots Riley
Cast: Lakeith Stanfield, Tessa Thompson, Armie Hammer 
Runtime: 105 minutes 
Language: English
Rating:  18A (coarse language)

Austin Film Critics Association: Best Original Screenplay; Independent Spirit Awards, Toronto International Film Festival: Best First Feature; 13 other wins, 37 nominations.

“Caustic, sharp and funny as hell, director Boots Riley’s acerbic take on surviving (just) in the contemporary business world assumes its rightful place beside O Lucky Man! And Putney Swope.”—Liam Lacey, Original Cin

Rapper Boots Riley has an impressive debut as a director with “Sorry to Bother You”, a no-mercy satire that gets up in your face, breaks all the rules – and then invents new rules so it can break them too.

(Lakeith Stanfield (“Get Out,” TV’s “Atlanta”) is Cassius Green, an African-American telemarketer who gets nowhere until he’s told by a colleague (Danny Glover) to use his more saleable white voice (David Cross provides the vocal mayo). Suddenly, the young man is rolling in green. He is finally able to move out of his garage apartment owned by his uncle (Terry Crews) – and start living large with his artist-activist girlfriend, Detroit (the super-terrific Tessa Thompson.)

Cassius is soon crossing a picket line formed by his striking co-workers and getting hit on the head with a soda can, an image that soon goes viral. But by turning his white voice into bank, Cassius gets to quickly move up the corporate ladder. He joins the elite on the top floor, selling a form of 21st-century labour slavery called Worry Free Living, run by sarong-wearing, orgy-throwing CEO Steve Lift (a gonzo Armie Hammer).

Then the proceedings shift into over-the-top surreal. Riley is a filmmaker who’s flying on his own visionary fumes and is the sort of singular talent who’s capable of a ferociously funny kick in the butt to capitalism. “Sorry to Bother You” introduces a filmmaker in a creative fever.

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