SpotlightApril 3, 2016


Director: Thomas McCarthy
Cast: Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Liev Schreiber
Runtime: 128 minutes
Language: English
Rating: 14A

Academy Awards: Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay.
109 other award wins; 120 nominations

“It’s one of the best movies I’ve ever seen about the art and the science of newspaper reporting.” – Chicago Sun-Times, Richard Roeper

Spotlight is a mystery, a thriller and a human interest drama, but mostly it’s a love letter to investigative journalism. It’s based on real events.

The story centres on the Spotlight team at the Boston Globe and their 2002 Pulitzer Prize-winning investigation into sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. A group of reporters began with an investigation into pedophile priests and went on to discover corruption and cover-up that went right to the top of the organization.

The reporters’ digging unearths a bigger story — the powerful Boston Archdiocese is protecting the criminal priests, moving them to new parishes and turning a blind eye when they offend again, with plenty of legal protection for the offenders.

Spotlight is dedicated to showing what it took to get this story in this city: all the grunt work, digging and dogged persistence that underpins every major news feature.

The story unfolds with all the tension and intrigue of any great thriller.

This is a big story told on a small canvas, with a focus on the human face — clergy, victims, politicians and reporters — of the scandal. Director Tom McCarthy has said that he wanted to present the movie in the same hard-hitting and no-nonsense way that the journalists presented their investigation.

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