The Discarded

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Sunday, April 14th @ 10:10 AM

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Director: Piotr Skowronski
Cast: Zara Jestadt, David Crowe, Rick Stolz, Nick Biskupek
Runtime: 90 minutes
Language: English
Rating: 14A

Rampant indebtedness and unemployment are forces of oppression in Maggie’s (Zara Jestadt) world.  When she finds her efforts to become a nurse derailed, Maggie sets her attention on her last viable option for getting out of debt and building a future; an obscure program that promises debt forgiveness in exchange for a work term commitment. 

Desperate for a clean slate, Maggie turns to Travis, her ex-boyfriend and current recruiter for The Program. Meanwhile, growing dissent in the streets casts doubt on The Program’s promise of financial freedom as people begin questioning what really goes on inside the work camps.  Maggie and Travis will soon discover first hand the dark truth behind the promise and must brace themselves for a struggle of survival.

Zara Jestadt is a standout in this locally-produced feature.

Piotr Skowronski
Piotr Skowronski is a graduate of the Confederation College Film Production Program.  His award winning short films include “Cat and Mouse,” and “A Handful of Soil” and several other titles.  His debut feature, “These Lovers,” premiered at the 18th Shanghai International Film Festival, was part of Telefilm’s the Best of Canada section and was also showcased by NOSFA in 2014.  His latest feature “The Discarded” premiered at the Montreal World Film Festival.

Milosz Skowronski (producer)
Milosz Skowronski has been actively producing and managing productions for nearly a decade.  From television, theatrical and web-based commercial projects, to short films, and two features, Milosz has become one of the most active producers in Northern Ontario. 

Many thanks. to our Sponsor: The Thunder Bay Art Gallery

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