The Insult

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April 15th 2:35 PM
France/Lebanon 2017
Director: Ziad Doueiri
Cast: Adel Karam, Kamel El Basha, Rita Hayek
Runtime: 113 minutes
Language: Arabic with English subtitles
Rating: 14A
Best Foreign Language Film nomination, Academy Awards; AFI Fest: Audience Award; Boulder International Film Festival: Audience Award Palm Springs International Film Fest Award: director Ziad Douein. Four other wins, 13 nominations
“A powerful and impeccably crafted tale arguing for the crucial importance of addressing history and facing down trauma… Doueiri weaves a starkly intimate fable of violence that’s at once deeply personal and universally, globally relevant.”– Katie Walsh, Tribune News Service

The Oscar-nominated feature from Ziad Doueiri (The Attack) centres on a dispute between two men on the streets of Beirut that suddenly becomes a national sensation when it opens up old wounds and traumatic memories.
One afternoon in the dog days of a Beirut summer, Tony (Adel Karam, Where Do We Go Now?) gets into an altercation with Yasser over a broken drainpipe. Tony is a mechanic and a Christian; Yasser is a construction foreman and a Palestinian. When Tony, hard-nosed and hot-headed, refuses to accept Yasser’s half-hearted apology, two bruised male egos begin to swell.
Tony utters an unforgiveable insult to Yasser. With a speed neither man could foresee, their personal argument escalates through the neighbourhood and the city to the national stage. The dispute comes to encapsulate the lasting legacy of the Lebanese Civil War — and becomes a lightning rod for people with more power than either man to pursue their own agendas.
Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 90th Academy Awards, The Insult is an impeccably made political drama, layered with clever observations on the complex history of the region as seen through the intimate mechanisms of an interpersonal misunderstanding.

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