The Leisure Seeker

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Sunday April 22nd 12:00 PM
Italy, 2017
Director: Paolo Virzì Cast: Donald Sutherland, Helen Mirren, Christian McKay
Runtime: 112 minutes
Language: English
Capri, Hollywood Award: Ensemble Cast Award; 4 other nominations
“[The Leisure Seeker] … is a consoling, teary-funny road trip comedy about an aging couple who realise their days – of living independently, at least – are numbered.” – Robbie Collin, Daily Telegraph (UK)

Canadian acting legend Donald Sutherland and Academy Award winner Helen Mirren star in this wise and witty road movie set in today’s divided United States. The English-language debut of Italian director Paolo Virzì (Like Crazy), The Leisure Seeker makes an entire country its canvas and a couple of aging adventurers its lovable heroes.

Living their twilight years under the close supervision of their adult children and an array of doctors and specialists, John (Donald Sutherland, Milton’s Secret; Pride and Prejudice) and Ella (Helen Mirren, Trumbo; Woman in Gold) yearn for one last adventure. Escaping in a 1978 “Leisure Seeker” RV, the couple hits the road in an effort to reclaim some independence and spontaneity in their lives.
However, the trip may not be as carefree as John and Ella anticipate; both are suffering from serious health issues, prompting their children and doctors to keep close tabs on them at all times. Yet Ella, the driving force behind the road trip down the famous Route 66, refuses to let these hindrances keep her and John from truly experiencing the world and living life on their own terms for as long as possible
With great respect and genuine affection for its characters, and an impressively nuanced take on the aging process as a journey of its own, The Leisure Seeker is a road trip unlike any other.

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