The Red Violin

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Canada 1999 Drama/Music/Mystery
Director: Fran├žois Girard
Cast: Greta Scacchi, Samuel L. Jackson, Colm Feore, Don McKellar, Sandra Oh, Sylvia Chang
Please note location change for this film
Showtime: 6:00 PM
Location: Maple Tops Theatre, 24 Court St South
Admission: FREE

For the Canada 150 Reel Film Celebrations, the NOSFA membership has chosen an iconic favourite – The Red Violin. Oscar winner for best Music – original score

There is a kind of ideal beauty that reduces us all to yearning for perfection. “The Red Violin” is about that yearning. It traces the story of a violin (“the single most perfect acoustical machine I’ve ever seen,” says a restorer) from its maker in 17th century Italy to an auction room in modern Montreal. The violin passes from the rich to the poor, from Italy to Poland to England to China to Canada. It produces music so beautiful that it makes you want to cry. “The Red Violin” has the kind of sweep and vision that we identify with elegant features from decades ago–films that followed a story thread from one character to another.

The film is easy to follow, and yet reveals its secrets slyly. The story of the violin is a series of stories involving the people who own it over a period of 300 years. Then there is another story, hinted at, slowly revealing itself, involving an expert evaluator of instruments (Samuel L. Jackson). He is the person who proves that this is indeed Bussotti’s famous red violin and solves the mystery of its color. He is also perhaps the person best equipped to appreciate how rare and wonderful the instrument is–but, like many passionate connoisseurs, he lacks the wealth to match his tastes. His plans for the instruments supply a suspenseful ending to a movie that has already given us just about everything else. Roger Ebert, 1999

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