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Weirdos Canada
Director: Bruce McDonald
Cast: Dylan Authors, Allan Hawco, Molly Parker, Julia Sarah Stone
Runtime: 84 minutes
Showtime: April 23rd 5:00 PM
Language: English
Rating: 14A

Vancouver Film Critics Circle, Canadian Screen Awards Nominations: Best Supporting Actress (Molly Parker); Berlin International Film Festival Nomination: Best Film

“Veteran director Bruce McDonald brings a light touch to theatre great Daniel MacIvor’s presumably autobiographical tale of young teens getting ready to leave rural Cape Breton in 1976.”—Ken Eisner, Georgia Straight

Bruce McDonald (NOSFA presentations, Hard Core Logo, Dance Me Outside) describes his lovely new film Weirdos as a running-away-from-home movie, as a “to be 15 years old” movie, as a blossoming sexuality movie, as a “remember the 70s” movie, as a road movie, as a love-story movie. It is all of those things, and a bit more.

The film is written by playwright Daniel MacIvor, and is shot handsomely in black and white by cinematographer Becky Parsons who captures melancholic beauty in her low contrast black-and-white images of the Maritimes.

The story is set in the breezy summer of 1976, Weirdos follows teenagers Kit (Dylan Authors) and Alice (Julia Sara Stone) from Antigonish, Nova Scotia to Sydney (a mere 200 miles, but it is a small road movie), where notions of glamorous freedom, a high-school beach party and Kit’s elegantly manic mother (a sublime Molly Parker) await. Kit’s “spirit animal” Andy Warhol makes an appearance, musing that Canadians are “weirdos” – but in a good way.

The soundtrack is early Cancon, featuring Gordon Lightfoot, Murray McLauchlan and other artists who stayed home. And when a television murmurs with American bicentennial hoopla, a Cambodian refugee tells New York-dreaming Kit that it’s “not your parade.” Weirdos is a coming-of-age story, for a country. McDonald waves a freak flag. It has a leaf.

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