April 10, 2016


Director: Michael Moore
With: Michael Moore, Krista Kiuru, Tim Walker
Runtime: 119 minutes
Language: English, Italian, French, German, Finnish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Arabic with English subtitles
Rating: 14A

Chicago International Film Festival, Hamptons International Film Festivals 2015: Best Documentary Feature. 10 other award nominations.

“Michael Moore goes on a global tour with this impishly entertaining polemic.” – Justin Chang, Variety

Cynics would call Michael Moore’s Where to Invade Next? a quixotic quest, if not an outright bogus one. But naysayers aren’t welcome this time.

Rediscovering his funny bone, Moore happily treks far and wide for quality-of-life ideas to take back to the U.S. He’s made his most enjoyable film in years and his most inspiring.

Moore’s travels take him mainly to Europe, wherein he visits countries that each seem to have found a better and more humane ways than America of delivering education, nutrition, employment, drug control, justice, women’s rights and many other social benefits.

In Italy, he marvels at workers who enjoy several weeks of paid time off. In France, he finds schools where gourmet meals are served. Portugal has zero arrests for drug abuse; Slovenia offers free university tuition it extends even to foreign nationals (including many Americans). (Moore manages to overlook how these ideals are achieved.)

Tunisia and Iceland have mastered gender equality where women have risen to the top of the heap with the inference that they’re superior to men in every regard. (Hello Margaret Thatcher?)

Moore candidly admits he’s only looking for good news in countries where not every day is a sunny one. He brings it all back home with a brilliant ending that suggests that maybe all these great “foreign” ideas aren’t so foreign after all.

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