An Eye for Beauty

By April 3, 20152015 FilmFest

(Le règne de la beauté)

April 19, 2015 4:50pm

SilverCity Theatre A


Director: Denys Arcand
Cast: Éric Bruneau, Mélanie Thierry, Melanie Merkosky, Marie-Josée Croze
Runtime: 102 minutes
Language: French/English (English wholesale nba jerseys Subtitles)
Rating: 18A

Chicago International Film Festival Award Nomination: Audience Award

Hamburg Film Festival Nomination: Critics Award

“[An Eye for Beauty] offers a breath of fresh air with sprinkles of rich dialogue.”—Felipe Rosa, Fifth About the Seventh

An Eye for Beauty delves into the perils of infidelity. A one-night stand turns into a two-night affair wholesale NBA jerseys when architect Luc (Éric Bruneau) leaves his cozy home in Baie St Paul, Quebec, to cheap MLB jerseys work on a project ’71 in metropolitan Toronto. He meets Lindsay (Melanie Merkosky), who invites him Jesus to sleep with her in her cottage on Toronto’s Centre Island.

Lindsay wholesale NBA jerseys then visits Quebec and Luc whisks off to shag her. He leaves behind Selma his wife, Stéphanie (Melanie Thierry), who is slowing going mad following her own adventures flirting with lesbianism.

Arcand uses pathetic fallacy to symbolize the growing coldness of both relationships as Luc’s marriage to Stéphanie becomes as barren as a Canadian winter while the warmth of his affair with Lindsay loses its spark. It’s a nice visual effect from Arcand who also uses Jerseys the beautiful natural landscape, especially the Saint Lawrence River, Cocktails: to good effect.

An Eye for Beauty finds director Arcand in familiar territory—the sinuous nature of relationships and the consequences of sexual misadventure.